Former WPDE anchor to run for S.C. House of Representatives

(Tim McGinnis/Facebook)

Tim McGinnis, owner of The Famous Toastery and former WPDE and WTGS evening anchor, announced Thursday that he will be running for the S.C. House of Representatives.

McGinnis will be running for S.C. House District 56, which recently became vacated after Rep. Mike Ryhal announced his resignation.

In a Facebook post, McGinnis said he has big shoes to fill, but wants to represent the area.

"It’s been almost six months since I retired from my career in television news. I learned so much about how our local, state and federal governments operate during my 20 plus years in TV. Through the years I met several leaders I’ve admired, and trusted in their respective offices. They inspired me to want to give back and serve. An opportunity has presented itself. State Representative Mike Ryhal, who represents District 56 (the Carolina Forest area) in the State House is resigning. Mr. Ryhal has done a lot for our community, and I am going to run in the Republican primary to replace him. Big shoes to fill indeed. I am a proud husband, father and business owner, and I would like to have the opportunity to be a voice for Carolina Forest. Over the next few months I want to hear from you. What are your concerns? How can I help? So I ask you all for your prayers and support, and please vote!"

Chris Whitmire, Director of Public Information & Training for the South Carolina Election Commission said the Speaker of the House will need to issue a Writ of Election to make the calendar official.

However, based on the resignation letter, here is the proposed schedule to fill the seat:

  • Noon, August 24 - Filing Opens
  • Noon, September 2 - Filing Closes
  • October 24 - Primary (if necessary)
  • November 7 - Primary Runoff (if necessary)
  • January 2 - Special Election
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