For many, the Myrtle Beach Marathon is more than just a race


People from around the country flocked to Myrtle Beach for the 21st annual Myrtle Beach Marathon weekend.

For some of the runners, like Wyman Taylor of Greensboro, this race is all about challenging themselves and achieving goals.

"To me it's very challenging and it just gives me something to keep my body going, get some exercise in and as long as you got a goal, it just sort of gets you out there and makes you do it," Taylor said.

People are able to run the full or half marathon.

Shay Floyd said she will be running the half after a knee injury.

"Originally I was signed up for the full but I'm coming off an injury, only been back on the pavement for about 5 weeks, so I figured its smart just to try to do the half, not try to do the half, but to do the half," Floyd said.

For some, this will be their first race but for others like Taylor, it's one of many. He said his wife is his inspiration for running.

"My wife, she's the one that kinda got us into it and she's really not running that much anymore," said Taylor.

Runners take to the streets at 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

"I started running when I was 45 so its never too late, no matter what weight you might be or what shape you might think you're in. If you just start and put one foo in front of the other I'm sure you'll make progress and enjoy it," said Floyd.

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