Florence woman's video on child being bullied goes viral


Shasta LaMonica Partee posted a video on Facebook of her 12-year-old daughter's struggles with bullies at Southside Middle School in Florence.

Partee said she posted the video after she couldn't get any satisfaction with several girls bullying her daughter.

"I asked them multiple times, were they going to do anything about the bullying. They called me, and I'm talking about this was just recent. And they told me we'll cross that bridge when we get there. As if I had not had all these emails. And not had been coming up for visitations and saying my child is being bullied. And I said I'm going to ask you one more time, 'Are you going to do anything about the bullying?' And they said we will cross that bridge when we get there. That's when I press send for the video," said Partee.

Partee said she went to the school back on April 12 to check on her little girl, who called her to say the bullying was getting worse.

She added three days later, police showed up at her front door and arrested her on charges of two counts of assault and battery third degree and disturbing schools.

"They said I had a made terrorist threats, bomb threats, threatened children. And things of that nature and when I asked, 'What is the protocol for when you had a bomb threat at your school and the person was actually in your school what would happen?' And I was told by law enforcement that should've been taken care of right then and there. I should've been arrested on site. But I wasn't arrested until three days later, nor am I banned from the school either.The warrant stated basically that I was going to blow up the school. I was going to injure these girls. I approached them I was going to beat them up. I never threatened to blow up the school. I never approach them at all," said Partee.

Partee said she plans to vigorously fight the charges against her.

"I am fighting this until the end. I am fighting 'til the end and I'm not going to stop, and I'm not gonna stop just with my child because this is ridiculous. Nobody should have to go through what these children are going through at this school. No parent should have to go through what I'm going through at the school. And I'm gonna fight. And I'm going to fight with the rest of the parents who have been reaching out to me, stating that is happening to their children as well," explained Partee.

We've requested a copy of the police incident report in Partee's arrest to learn more about the allegations against her, but have yet to get it.

Officials with Florence School District One (FSD1) said they can't comment on the matter involving Partee's arrest.

District administrators did refer us to the district's Code of Conduct as it relates to bullying. The Code of Conduct has four levels of bullying and a level when law enforcement is notified.

The Code of Conduct is as follows:

  • Bullying, Including Cyberbullying and Gang-Related Incidents Intentional conduct (including verbal, physical, or written conduct or electronic communication) that is threatening or seriously intimidating and substantially disrupts the orderly operation of a school
  • Serious bullying (i.e., repeatedly over time engaging in intentional negative behaviors that adversely affect another student or students’ ability to participate in or benefit from a school’s education or extracurricular programs) Cyber bullying
  • Publishing a fight or other disturbance

Southside Middle School Principal Craig Washington issued the following statement on the bullying policy at his school:

Students at Southside Middle School are encouraged to treat each other with respect. Bullying is not condoned at this school, neither is it tolerated here by the administration and staff. By law, we are unable to publicly comment about any individual student issues; however, any report of bullying at Southside Middle is dealt with swiftly and in accordance with the Florence One Code of Conduct.

Partee said she doesn't believe the district is enforcing it's bullying policy. She said she's holding a big rally and protest on May 25 beginning at 7:30 a.m. in front of Southside Middle School at 200 E Howe Street in Florence.

Partee said she'll be joined by dozens of others who want to help spread her message against bullying.

"We are protesting. We are rallying. And we are saying no more. That, this has to stop. No more suicides. No more drop-outs. No more kids feeling hopeless."

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