Florence teachers, staff being retrained on how to use metal detectors

Walk through metal detectors (WPDE)

Florence School District One (FSD1) employees are being retrained on how to properly use walk through metal detectors and hand-held detectors as part of the district's emergency preparedness plans, according to FSD1 Public Information Officer Pam Little-McDaniel.

Little-McDaniel said the district is addressing its on-going school safety efforts.

She added as heightened measures of school safety concerns have recently arisen, Florence One school officials are maintaining that school emergency procedures have existed prior to increased attention to recent school safety concerns.

FSD1 has had hand-held and walk-through metal detection devices for the past five years.

FSD1 Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services Lionel Brown said the walk-through metal detectors have the capability to be moved to any Florence School District One activity at any given time, specifically for school and athletic events.

“Florence One has been equipped with both the walk-through and hand-held safety equipment for quite some time,” said Brown. “The school district has not made any recent purchases of safety equipment. As a part of our overall safety plan, it has been our procedure to work with the local law enforcement officers (both the Sheriff’s Department the Police Department) to train our staff members,” he added.

“Our emergency preparedness has been consistent in staying ahead of the threats,” said Brown.

The district's emergency preparedness plans have included active shooter trainings with school administrators, school evacuations with students, faculty and staff members as well as on-going training of staff members on how to use hand-held metal detection devices as well as walk-through detection devices.

Brown said that the sequence of training with metal detectors will continue and will include the remaining high school staff members in the district.

“We want everyone to know that our emergency procedures plan is active, ongoing and responsive all at the same time,” said Brown. “It is an on-going process that did not simply begin within the last week. We will continue to fine-tune our safety measures, conduct safety procedures, and work to stay ahead of the threat continuously, at all schools in Florence One. ”

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