Florence middle school principal on leave after being arrested

Hayley Michelle Cagle (FCDC)

Sneed Middle School Principal Hayley Michelle Cagle has been placed on administrative leave by Florence School District One (FSD1) after she was arrested Friday afternoon on charges of driving to fast for conditions and leaving the scene, according to the school district administrators.

FSD1 issue the following statement on Cagle's arrest:

"School administrators have acknowledged that a principal in Florence One has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation of a recent traffic accident. This afternoon, the principal of Sneed Middle School was charged by law enforcement with leaving the scene of an accident. The principal will remain on administrative leave, with pay, while the matter remains under investigation by Florence One school officials. Questions regarding the investigation should be referred to law enforcement."

A parent of a student at the school asked us to look into Cagle's arrest and status with the district.

We've contacted Highway Patrol to learn more about what led to the charges against Cable.

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