Florence Humane Society gives abandoned horses new home


    The American Horse Council reports there could be as many as 150,000 abandoned and abused horses in the United States right now.

    Down a dirt road in Florence County lies a special home where hay isn't just for horses.

    For the last twenty years, the Florence Area Humane Society has been helping find homes for abandoned horses.

    "We would get calls about horses that were in really very dire straits," explained Jayne Boswell, Director of the Florence Area Humane Society. She said most people have no idea just how many horses are in need in the Pee Dee.

    "A lot of times people can get them for very little money or even free," Boswell said. "They don't have the skills, knowledge, or resources to be able to take care of them."

    Now, thanks to a large donation, the group bought 20 acres of land and a barn , a place the 14 horses brought there can call home. Right now, the group is working to fence in even more of the property, and Boswell said they could always use even more help.

    "We'd like to start with some adults who can be our core group, because some of the work really is hard," she said. "There's pastures to maintain and stalls to clean."

    Boswell said the group hopes to not only house horses, but connect the community to their work as well.

    "I'd love to get young people and children involved," said Boswell. "A lot of them have never seen a horse in person and especially our old guys, our older horses would love the attention."

    Boswell said the hard work put in at the farm is worth it.

    "At the end of the day, you really feel like you made a difference," she said.

    If you'd like to donate or volunteer, call Jayne Boswell at 843-229-7790 or email the Florence Area Humane Society at letmehelpFAHS@gmail.com

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