Florence County woman turns 103 years old on Valentine's Day

    Florence County woman turns 103 years old on Valentine's Day

    Floria Eaddy celebrated her 103rd birthday on Valentine's Day. She was born on February 14, 1916 in the Claussen community of Florence County.

    The house she grew up in is still standing to this day. Eaddy lives nearby alone, but surrounded by her family. She said she's just thankful to still be alive.

    “Thank God I’m here in the midst of the living. And I ask everybody, you too, to pray for me. That I might live on to my good time come. And I want to be ready to walk in the door when that door is open," said Eaddy.

    She wakes up every morning and cooks grits, bacon and eggs. Eaddy also loves to quilt and has taught others to do the same.

    She's lost many loved ones over years and admits sometimes it hurts.

    “I don’t have no brother or no sister. No mother and a father. I’m the only little Pachulia in the onion patch. We didn’t come here to stay. But it’s sad every time.”

    Eaddy said her Christian faith has kept her here for 103 years. She attends St. Mark Church in Johnsonville and is never ashamed to spread the good news about Jesus Christ.

    “I thank him so much from my life. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here. And I thank God for my life. I had a long life and I’m looking , I’m still looking to live on. Until he gets ready for me. And I’ll be ready for him. “

    Her children, grandchildren and host of great grandchildren never cease to check on her all the time. They said they're thankful for her infinite wisdom.

    “My mother -- she is the light of my life. And when I get ready for something, something deep, I can come to her. And she could explain it to me. In such a way that I might come feeling sad but when I leave, I’m feeling good," said Willie Eaddy, Jr., Eaddy's son.

    "You can come to her for any advice, but be prepared because it’s going to be filled with love. But it’s going to be raw and uncut," said Paula Timmons, Eaddy's Granddaughter.

    “It’s just a blessing to watch her do things. And continue to move the way she moves," said Reba Johnson, Eaddy's Granddaughter.

    Johnson said she's the one to make her grandmother laugh. She added they share a special bond and have a unique way of saying good bye each and every time they leave each other.

    Eaddy's favorite gospel song is titled "There's A Leak In This Old Building." The song talks about growing old, but being ready when the time comes.

    Eaddy said she's ready , but prays everyday for good health and continued long life.

    Her family is planning a big birthday celebration for her this weekend when all of her extended relatives will be in town.

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