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Man charged in death of 8-year-old boy says he's a victim, hears noises in Florence Co.

Man accused of randomly shooting, killing 8-year-old boy says he's a victim, hears noises (Credit: Tonya Brown/WPDE)
Man accused of randomly shooting, killing 8-year-old boy says he's a victim, hears noises (Credit: Tonya Brown/WPDE)
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Charles Montgomery Allen had a lot to say during his bond hearing Wednesday morning at the Florence County Law Enforcement Complex.

Magistrate Belinda Timmons arraigned Allen on one count of murder and nine counts of attempted murder in connection with shootings last Saturday in the area of 3106 Old River Road in Florence County.

Allen had to face the judge again after his attempted murder charge in the shooting of an 8-year-old Quarius Naqua Dunham was upgraded Tuesday to murder after the child died.

Deputies said he was randomly shooting at cars when he shot the child and his father who was driving the vehicle.

The child passed away Monday night from injuries suffered in the shooting.

His father is expected to be ok, according to officials.

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Timmons initially asked Allen if he understand the charges against him, but he didn't answer.

Allen replied he's a victim and he's been trying to get help for the past two years.

"Can I say that I have been a victim here well over two years? Every device I have has been hacked. Every device, my cell phones. My TV. I can’t even get a signal at my home to watch TV. Like there is some kind of jammer in the area. I have been a total victim for well over two years. And I said over and over and over I did not want anyone to get hurt. This is not the first. The first time I went and stole some stuff from the store. Just to see if there was still law and order. In existence, to what’s been going on in my life. That was when I came in here for stealing some Raisin Bran. I have a clean record. I have never been a criminal in my life. I came home about two years ago from truck driving. And something has been after me. I can’t explain it. It is out of my realm of understanding. But, to say that’s not the case would be a lie. And I have never had bad intentions toward anyone in my life," said Allen.

He continued to interrupt Timmons when she asked him over and over if he understood the charges against him.

Timmons explained to him that this hearing was to deal with bond matters.

“What will take place if you have a medical issue, there is medical staff so, at that point if the jail sees fit that you need medical attention. Then that is something that the jail will handle at a later time. But, today is just a bond hearing Just your bond hearing. I want to make sure that you understand what I went over with you. Because that’s most important that you do have to be able to comprehend what I just said," explained Timmons.

Allen again didn't answer the question.

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"I’m so lost right now. I’ve been lost for two years. Trying to figure out how my devices can be hacked. And I can have audibles in my home. But, barely. Like barely audibles coming into my home you know saying things. And they’re directional. I mean it’s barely audible. It’s not something in my head. It’s barely audible. It’s a noise. It’s a sound," said Allen.

Timmons again told Allen of the charges against him and that his bond would be denied.

"You have a denied bond. And I want to make sure you understand what I just went over. Do you understand that I just said that you are being charged with a murder? And right now, with nine counts of attempted murder," said Timmons.

Allen answered saying, "And I am trying to explain it that I have acted out before. And nothing happened. Because I have been trying to figure out what’s going on for over two years now. Well, over two years. And I wasn’t trying to shoot anyone. And I said over and over and I know they can hear me. Because they can hear me and they’ll respond," said Allen.

At that point, Timmons again explained to him the matter at hand.

"Mr. Alan, what I am asking you do you understand that you are being charged with a murder? And nine counts of attempted murder? I just need you to answer yes or no," said Timmons.

At that point, Allen answered.

“Yes,” said Allen.

“Just wanted to make sure you understand,” explained Timmons.

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Deputies initially said Allen shot three cars, but now say it was multiple cars and that's why he faces nine counts of attempted murder.

Allen is set to appear in court in July and in September.

He is expected to be appointed a public defender to represent him.

Allen can request a preliminary hearing and another bond hearing at a later time.

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He remains at the Florence County Detention Center.

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