Authorities working to evacuate people along Lynches River

Tonya Brown / Crews in Florence County evacuating people from along the Lynches River on Oct. 6

Deputies with the Florence County Sheriff's Office are working to evacuate more people trapped in their homes by rising floodwaters off of Highway 52 near the Coward community.

A portion of Highway 52 is closed because the Lynches River is overflowing on the road.

Florence County Emergency Management called for mandatory evacuations of certain areas along Lynches River, but about 13 residents didn't heed the call.

Waters were rushing across Highway 52 on Tuesday morning making it very dangerous for the rescues.

Deputies are having to use military style humvees to rescue residents and take them to the shelter set up at Lake City High School.

They trekked down roads with water as high as 10 inches to rescue families.

They journeyed down albany road to get Margaret Gadley and her three dogs.

She lives behind the Lynches River.

"I was getting pretty nervous. The water was starting to come up in my house through the floor. And it has to be over four feet deep at least," she said.

Gadley says she's thankful the deputies came to her aid.

She's hoping the water will soon recede, so she and her pets can go back home.

"We need to get back home. As you can tell, I've got the pets. I've got the dogs and we've all got to go bunk out in a motel."

Officers will be in the community throughout the day to help with the traffic and to help evacuate those in need.

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