Florence brewery expanding, making almost $1 million investment in downtown

Seminar Brewery's new home is a warehouse on West Lucas Street (WPDE)

Downtown Florence is growing and businesses seem to keep popping up.

Seminar Brewery's new home is a warehouse on West Lucas Street.

The brewery used to be next to Red Bone Alley, that space was 1,100 square feet and their new building is 13,000 square feet.

"The development of cities and downtowns across the nation, the craft beer movement has helped a lot of that development and we really wanted to help bring that to Florence that was our goal ," Travis Knowles, one of the brewery's owners, said.

Shawn Steadman, one of the brewery's owner, says being near I-95 attract tourists to the city. The new facility is a big investment to the area.

"Originally we were at about $250,000 investment. Right now this approaching about a $1 million investment in this facility," Steadman said.

The Brewery is a mile away from the heart of downtown where Kimberly Swinton is setting up the second pop up shop at Salon Envy for her own clothing business, Hidden Gem Vintage and Modern Apparel.

"Because of the foot traffic yesterday I was able to gross a lot of money in sales," Swinton said.

With businesses expanding and and more traffic, it’s inspiring Swinton to open up her own shop.

"One day I could open up my own shop down here and grow my business even more because downtown Florence is growing," Swinton said.

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