Florence attorney honored by fellow colleagues

(Photo provided by Wukela)

Florence Attorney Steve Wukela, Jr. was named the recipient of the 2017 Ralph King Anderson Jr. Award Thursday at the annual business meeting of the Florence County Bar.

The award, named in honor of retired South Carolina Court of Appeals Judge and former legislator Ralph King Anderson, Jr., has been awarded annually since 1998 to members of the Florence County Bar who have distinguished themselves through their dedication to community service.

Wukela, originally born in Mansfield, Ohio, volunteered for the United States Army on June 16, 1969 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant after completing Infantry OCS at Fort Benning, Georgia in June 1970.

He came to South Carolina after being assigned to train soldiers to be field wiremen and radio operators at Fort Jackson, S.C.

He graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law in May of 1975 and, in December of 1976, he founded the Wukela Law Firm in Florence as the sole practitioner.

For over 40 years, Mr. Wukela has devoted his professional life to representing and championing the causes of working people.

In 2003, the South Carolina Supreme Court recognized Wukela for his service to the bench, bar and citizens of the state of South Carolina.

Wukela has been a fixture in local, state and national politics, having represented numerous political candidates in election disputes.

Steve and his wife, artist Jackie Wukela, have long been supporters of the local cultural and arts communities and they were actively involved parents as their three sons matriculated through the public schools of Florence School District One.

Past recipients of the Ralph King Anderson Jr. Award:

  • James C. McLeod, Jr. (1998)
  • Peter D. Hyman, Sr. (1999)
  • Saunders M. Bridges, Sr. (2000)
  • Eugene N. Zeigler, Jr. (2001)
  • John L. McGowan (2002)
  • E. LeRoy Nettles, Sr. (2003)
  • Jack L. Nettles (2004)
  • Thomas E. Rogers, Jr. (2005)
  • William Haigh Porther (2006)
  • W. Kenneth Eaton, Jr. (2007)
  • David W. Keller, Jr. (2008)
  • Mark W. Buyck, Jr. (2009)
  • Carrington Sally Wingard (2010)
  • Jack W. Lawson, Jr. (2011)
  • D. Laurence McIntosh (2012)
  • S. Porter Stewart (2013)
  • Robert N. Wells, Jr. (2014)
  • E. LeRoy “Toy” Nettles, Jr. (2015)
  • D. Michael Ballenger (2016)
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