Florence activist holding symposium to help young people

(Tonya Brown/WPDE)

Florence community activist and author Issac Wilson is holding a youth symposium Saturday morning at 10 at Poynor Adult Education Center on South Dargan Street in Florence.

Wilson grew up in Florence and recently moved back to the area.

He’s traveled around the country promoting his book and wanted youth in Florence to be exposed to opportunities to succeed.

“I was that kid, I was kicked out of multiple grades, I went to alternative school, and so I was that kid in the neighborhood that people probably told me, "you'll be dead by 18" and yet i'm 31 today because I had those people in my life that was teaching me and molding me to the person that I knew I could be,” said Wilson.

He added he wants to make a difference in the lives of young people.

“We just have to do something for our kids in our community, they have to see positive role models in men and our women. And so we're bringing those people in to talk about those stories that they went through and encountered. So these kids can now change their mindsets and have a different way of communicating when they're angry or upset about things,” explained Wilson.

The symposium features motivational speakers and workshops for students and parents.

“We have Shakeita Price who is the owner and founder of Ladies Divine to Shine. Which is a mentoring group for young ladies. We have Marcus McGirt who is with the DJJ probation pardon parole. And also we have Lashonda Nesmith who is the chair of the chair of the Democratic Party. We'll have parents in the auditorium, we'll have the kids upstairs, they'll be doing different sessions then we'll bring them together for some sessions together for them to year what the youth has to say. And to hear what parents have to say and hopefully we'll bridge that gap in doing it that way.”

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