FJFL coach struck by lightning suing USA Football Company

FJFL coach struck by lightening suing USA Football Company (Photo submitted by family)

A former Florence football coach is suing the USA Football Company in federal court for negligence and breach of contract.

Zach Mumford claims he was an assistant football coach in the Florence Junior Football League when a lightning storm popped up during practice at Carver Elementary School back in 2015.

He says the coaches sought shelter for the youth football players away from the field. All of the doors to the school were locked and some coaches searched for a vehicle to provide shelter for the children.

After they left the field, Mumford and a few other volunteer coaches returned to the open field to gather equipment and the children's' belongings. That is when Mumford says he was struck by lightning.

After being struck, The lawsuit states that his body "was in a contorted position and was smoldering; the grass around his body caught afire; his heart apparently stopped or almost stopped beating; his lips and skin color turned blue ' and he was moaning and barely breathing."

According to the lawsuit, the lightening bolt struck him in the chest, ran through his body and down his leg, then exited his body through his foot- burning a hole in the sole of his shoe.

He claims emergency services arrived on scene and administered emergency medical care. He was then hospitalized and in a coma for several days.

Mumford is suing the company saying they were negligent in not providing him training on what to do during storms.

He says he incurred and continues to suffer from severe physical, emotional, psychological and financial harms and damages.

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