Five arrested in Atlantic Beach drug bust

Atlantic Beach Chief of Police Randy Rizzo

Atlantic Beach police kicked off an operation Friday which led to five arrests and multiple drug seizures.

The department was serving warrants for Operation Janitor.

Atlantic Beach officers seized cash, drugs and paraphernalia during the undercover operation.

They say they took 30 grams of marijuana, some narcotics and several hundred dollars in drug money.

"Atlantic Beach has a reputation out here at our joining cities in Horry County for narcotics. We're trying to make sure that the people see that we're just not going to tolerate it anymore. If you bring drugs in Atlantic Beach, we're going to go ahead and get you," said Chief Randy Rizzo, with the Atlantic Beach Police Department.

Adrian Beatty, Ruthy Hyppolite, Brian Bradshaw and Lee Hunsinger were arrested on charges ranging from shoplifting to drug distribution.

Charges are pending against a fifth man.

Chief Rizzo says more arrests are expected.

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