Man finds body during fishing tournament in Georgetown County


A man who was fishing in the B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Regional Championship in Georgetown County on Thursday found a dead body, officials said.

First responders wouldn't say exactly where the body was found, but crews were seen at the end of Pringle Ferry Road.

The Georgetown County Sheriff's Office responded and said they were investigating the "circumstances surrounding the discovery of an unresponsive male in the Black River" around noon Thursday.

Kenneth Johnson, with the coroner's office, said his initial estimate was that the body had been in the water for about 48 hours. He said no foul play was suspected.

Most fishermen at the tournament said they had heard rumors of what had happened while out on the water.

The ABC15 crew broke the news to others.

“It’s surprising and scary and I hope they figure everything out," Stacey Proctor, a member of the South Carolina team from Conway, said.

One fisherman said it wasn't the first time a body has been discovered, as the dozens of boats during a tournament spread out over a wide area.

“This happened before in New Jersey when we had a tournament," Butch VanDrunen, a member of team Delaware, recalled. "The people who find it, it just ruins their whole day because you can’t think about anything else.”

We will bring you more updates as they come in.

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