Firefighters explain how to safely heat your home

Firefighters explain how to safely heat your home (File/SBG photo)

Firefighters tell ABC 15 this is the time of the year they start getting busy. If you're heating your home with a space heater or if you're using a fireplace, they want to make sure you're being safe while you're doing it.

Lt. Jonathan Evans with the Myrtle Beach Fire Department says it's because many people are improperly heating their homes. He shared a few tips to make sure you're safe and warm when you're at home.

"We do typically see more fires as it gets colder because people are turning their heat on for the first time maybe," said Lt. Evans.

Lt. Evans says space heaters and people using their ovens to heat their homes are some of the common reasons they get called out when it's cold.

"If you're gonna use a space heater, make sure you have enough space between it and what's flammable. At least three feet between couches or drapes, things like that that can catch on fire," said Lt. Evans.

If you're shopping for a space heater, he recommends that automatically shuts down if it get knocked over.

If you already have one that doesn't, don't leave it on when you leave.

Another favorite way to stay warm, a fire in the fireplace.

"Make sure when you're using your fireplace, make sure it's been cleaned properly and that you have your gate on the front end so that any embers don't come out," said Lt. Evans.

If you're cutting costs by not heating your home or can't agree on the temperature, like Jenna Damron and her roommates, just grab your blankets!

"I have three roommates and we all like it different, so we just keep it cold and all bundle up," said Damron.

Lt. Evans says some are tempted to leave the oven on to heat a home. He says that's not a good idea and you could get carbon monoxide poisoning which can be deadly.

He says now is also a great time to make sure your smoke detectors are working.

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