Fighting for our country music: Disabled veteran honored at CCMF

    Former 82nd Airbone member CeCe Mazyck said being honored at CCMF means the world to her. (WPDE)

    Friday was "US of A" day at CCMF, and that brought out a sea of red, white and blue.

    Ten disabled veterans were honored for their service and dedication, and ABC 15 got to speak to one of them.

    Brave men and women sacrificed for this country, so we can enjoy the country music this weekend.

    "I know the current country singers like Toby Keith of course, I know that. Luke Bryan, Old Dominion," said former 82nd Airbone member CeCe Mazyck, who is in town with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

    But her road to the beach hasn't been as smooth as others because of a freak accident in the Army: Her parachute tangled.

    "So the impact. This is the ground. Boom. So I instantly burst my l-1 and l-2 vertebrae causing me to be paralyzed from the waist down," said Mazyck.

    She didn't let that prognosis keep her down. She finished her degree at USC and has even competed in the Paralympics.

    She says being recognized by CCMF means the world to her.

    "I take pride into what they see in me and what I'm trying to do for my community and other disabled veterans," she said.

    A voice for the DAV as powerful as the Toby Keiths and Luke Bryans, Mazyck is using hers to inspire others.

    "To let them know that this is not the end of the road. This is the beginning of a new life," said Mazyck.

    As for Mazyck, "I am personally gonna ride this journey until the wheels fall off," she said. "I think God gave me this second chance and I'm gonna take it. And I'm gonna ride it."

    Mazyck will get the chance to meet one of her favorite singers, Luke Bryan, Saturday night before he goes on stage.

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