Fentanyl pills disguised as prescription drugs on the rise in MB


    The opioid epidemic continues to take a toll on our country and our area.

    The dangerous drug Fentanyl is not new. Stories of drugs laced with Fentanyl leading to overdoses are far too common.

    But, a growing trend in Myrtle Beach is Fentanyl pills, and police say the pills are disguised as prescription drugs like Oxycontin or Xanax.

    "It’s deceptively bad. It’s extremely dangerous because of the size and how small of quantity it takes for someone to overdose and potentially die," the undercover officer said.

    The officer started seeing the pills more than a year ago but said the pills are on the rise.

    People who are buying the disguised pills know what they are getting, the officer said, but others who see the pills would have no idea.

    “It’s a danger to everybody. It’s a danger to people who are purchasing it, selling it-- it’s a danger to children who may be in the house, pets, police officers who are on scene who may or may not have seen it," he said.

    You don't have to actually take a pill to overdose on the drug.

    “Absorbing through the palms of your hands, or getting it too close to your eyes, or nose or ears or mouth or anything is a huge hazard," he said.

    The Horry County coroner said he has no record of anyone dying from a Fetanyl pill overdose in our area.

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