Family of three-week-old baby killed by car says deputies ignored their cries for help

A picture of 3-week-old Naomi Stancil. (Courtesy of the family)

The family of three-week-old Naomi Stancil said they feel like cries for help Sunday night were ignored when they called deputies to tell them they believed the newborn was in danger.

Baby Naomi and her 20-year-old mother were struck by a car on Highway 9 near Duck Pond Road in Bennettsville.

Marlboro County Coroner Tim Brown said the baby died on scene. The child's mother remains in the hospital with a broken ankle and leg.

Veronica Bostic said the mother lives with her at Bostic's home on Champion Lane near Highway 9 in Bennettsville.

Bostic said the baby's mother was acting irrational Sunday night and wasn't thinking clearly.

"You see so many kids getting killed. And I never thought this was going to happen this close to home, you know. You know what I'm saying. You see this happen everywhere else. But you don't see it happen this close to home. She was three weeks old she didn't even get a chance to live," said Bostic.

Bostic said she tried to get the infant from her mother, but couldn't.

"I said give me the baby. 'I'm not leaving my baby with you. She ain't staying with y'all. I don't want my baby with none of y'all family.' I said just give me the baby and let me take the baby back home. I am leaving my baby. I came back in the house and finally the police pull up," said Bostic.

Bostic's daughter Shania McCall said they pleaded with deputies to go and find the mother and baby.

"We were telling police so please can you go find her. Can you go get the baby. 'We cannot get her ma'am. That's her legal mother. We cannot take her. We're not obligated to to do that. DSS have to get her we cannot get her. We cannot touch her we can just talk some sense into her.' That's just about it," said McCall.

Bostic said she then called social workers to make them aware of what was going on.

She added her fiance and brother went to search for the mother and infant and that's when they found the mother hurt on the road and the baby dead.

"He said, oh Lord, Veronica and the baby dead. Snoop, my brother, he spotted the baby. The baby dead. And I was like, oh Lord. And I had to tell the social worker. I said the babies dead. She started crying," said Bostic.

The family believes the outcome may have been different if their cries for help would have been heard.

"They should've listen. Right now I mostly angry because if they would've listen to us. If they would've went out. Instead of trying to focus on an argument, a confrontation. They should've went out and listen. They should've went out and tried to find a baby when we told them to find their baby. They had time. She haven't even got here yet," said McCall.

The Marlboro County Sheriff's Office confirms they responded to the family's home Sunday night on Champion Lane in Bennettsville.

Deputies said they aren't releasing any information because the investigation is ongoing.

We've requested a copy of the incident report to learn more about the investigation.

The S.C. Highway Patrol Patrol is helping in the investigation.

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