Family of missing Robeson County woman holding out hope she's alive


The family of 55-year-old Susan McGirt of Robeson County is holding out hope that she's still alive.

The North Carolina Center for Missing Persons has issued a Silver Alert for McGirt, who wandered away early Wednesday morning from a nursing home on Mount Moriah Road in Robeson County, according to Robeson County Sheriff Ken Sealey.

McGirt's daughter Mary Wesson has high hopes her mother will be found.

"I'm leaning on God, and I'm trusting in Him. And I'm holding to the faith that she's coming home. I've seen multiple stories where people have went missing and they been found in other states. So I'm holding onto the hope that she's going to come back. She's going to come back," said Wesson.

McGirt was wearing a pink pajama top and a floral night gown.

Sealey added they’re very concerned about her because of the scorching temperatures.

Her family is worried too.

"The more time goes by, the less hope I've got. It's too hot. Her mind is not stable; I don't even know if she has the mindset to go anywhere to try and get anything to drink," said Wesson.

"It's just so hard on the family. Not knowing where she's at. Everything that I see around my home, it just tears me up. Knowing that she's not there. And having to lay down at night not knowing where she's at. It just hurts so bad," said Robert McGirt, McGirt's husband.

Deputies have spent the past three days searching by foot and using a helicopter to circle around the Mount Moriah community and along Highway 711.

Some people reported seeing McGirt walking along Highway 711 near Deep Branch Road near Pembroke, but nothing has panned out.

"We went every direction possible from here to home, and we found nothing. I've been door-to-door myself. The detectives have been door-to-door. We've been to gas stations, we've been to other nursing homes. We've called the hospitals, jail houses and we've came up with nothing," said Wesson.

Wesson and the family ask anyone who sees their mother to please call 911 and stay near her until deputies get there.

Wesson said, "Keep your eye on her until law enforcement is there. Please don't walk away from my mama. She needs you, and she needs us too."

The family is offering a $500 reward leading to information in McGirt's safe return.

"We came up with a $500 reward. Our family don't have much at all, but we are willing to give what we do have. I feel like the more money we are offering, the better chance we have of somebody bringing her home," said Wesson.

If you have any information on McGirt’s whereabouts or have seen her, you’re asked to call the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office at (910) 671-3100.

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