Family of man killed at Florence Zaxby's in 2015 questions if recent killing connected


Ivory Henry, Jr. said he questions if an apparent homicide Sunday in a wooded area near the Zaxby's on South Irby Street in Florence is related to his son's killing in 2015 at the Zaxby's on West Lucas Street in Florence.

Kevin Tyler Parker, 31, of Florence, was found dead in a wooded area near the 2200 block of South Irby Street, Florence County Coroner Keith von Lutcken stated.

Police were first called to the area for a suspicious vehicle in the woods, according to Brandt.

Parker's death is being investigated as an apparent homicide, according to von Lutcken.

The body will be autopsied at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

Police aren't saying if Parker worked at Zaxby's, but many in the community say he did.

Ivory Henry, III was shot and killed on May 9, 2015 at the Zaxby's on Highway 52 in Florence where he worked as a manager.

His murder remains unsolved.

Henry said he can't help but think the two killings are related.

"Me and my family thinking it could be the same person that did this and to my son. We're kind of hoping it's the same person. And he made a mistake this time. And you know they could catch him. And you know it could not be the same person. But we're praying and asking God to just show us , you know. And me and my kids think this is a sign that he is trying to show us," said Henry.

He added Monday morning he got a call from an investigator working his son's murder.

"I heard from somebody this morning as a matter of fact. Yes, they called me this morning. And he was trying to get the report from the city. And he said he'd call me back. Whether it had something to do with or is the same person that did my son. He said whether it was or not. He was going to call me back and let me know something."

Henry said he prays for the Parker family because he knows what they're going through. "I feel sorry for the family of the person who got killed, but I know what they going through right now. A lot of times we say I know what they're going through, but you don't know unless you're going through the same thing that somebody else went through."

He added if it turns out the cases aren't connected, all his family wants is closure.

"Went through a lot of pain. So much pain I really can't explain it all. Three years, not knowing. Nothing. Hearing this and hearing that. Lot of clues, but still getting back to where we started from. Still not knowing nothing," said Henry.

Zaxby's released the following statement on Sunday's apparent homicide.

"We are deeply saddened after hearing about the tragic event that occurred this weekend. We are working with the local police during their investigation and ask that anyone with questions or information call Lt. Brandt 843-665-3191, Florence Police Department.”

Lt. Brandt said they can't release any additional information as this time.

Brandt denied our request for an incident report saying the investigation is ongoing.

The Florence Police Department and Florence County Coroner’s Office are investigating Parker's death.

Anyone with information should call police at 843-665-3191 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIMESC.

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