Family of Heather Elvis addresses media after murder charges dismissed

Terry Elvis, Morgan Elvis, and Debbie Elvis addressing the media on Friday, the day after murder charges were dismissed in the case of Heather Elvis. (WPDE)

The family of Heather Elvis addressed the media on Friday, the day after the murder charges against the couple charged in connection with her disappearance were dismissed.

Debbie Elvis, the mother of Heather Elvis; Terry Elvis, the father of Heather Elvis; and Morgan Elvis, Heather Elvis' younger sister, addressed the media shortly after 3 p.m. from the Peachtree Boat Landing, where Heather Elvis' car was found after she went missing in December 2013. A memorial has been erected there for her.

The charges of murder against Tammy Moorer and Sidney Moorer were dismissed yesterday, as were two charges of indecent exposure, according to court paperwork filed March 10. An obstruction of justice charge has also been dismissed for Tammy Moorer.

Tammy Moorer and Sidney Moorer were charged in February of 2014 with the death of Heather Elvis, a 20-year-old Socastee woman, who was first reported missing in December of 2013.

Debbie Elvis said that the formal dismissal of the charges yesterday did not come as a shock to the family because the solicitor's office told them it was going to happen.

"It's very disappointing that the murder charges are dropped, but I also feel like there were things that I wasn't looking forward to sitting through a courtroom, listening to, in that aspect," she said.

She said she "never liked the murder charges to begin with because it makes you accept something you still have a choice whether you're going to accept or not. And we haven't found Heather.

She said she hopes that the murder charges being dropped might encourage someone to come forward with new information. "Somebody who hasn't come forward to come forward and say, okay justice wasn't being done so I need to tell what I know," she said.

A kidnapping charge is still in place for both Tammy and Sidney Moorer, according to the Horry County Public Index, and Sidney Moorer also still faces obstruction of justice charges.

Debbie and Terry Elvis said that the prosecution will go forward on those kidnapping charges and that they hope to find some justice for their daughter from that.

"We have faith that in the kidnapping charges, they're going to be held accountable in that way," she said.

A trial date for those charges has not officially been set yet.

Terry Elvis also pointed out that the murder charges could come back at a later time.

"They're not something that won't come back again. It's not something you give up faith over. We've not given up," he said.

Debbie Elvis said she agrees with prosecution's decision to dismiss the charges and trusts that they felt it was the right thing to do.

The family also pleaded for anyone with information to come forward.

"We need a reason to search places," Debbie Elvis said.

Morgan Elvis said she feels like when it comes to her sister and this case, "it's become that she's no longer a person, she's now a face on a poster."

"I wish that people would remember that she was a person and that she cared and that they should care too," she said.

Debbie Elvis said people with any information, even small details about the night Heather Elvis went missing, should come forward and tell police.

She said people also shouldn't believe everything they read online or on social media about the case. Morgan Elvis said this case remaining unsolved is hurting the whole community, not just her family.

"The injustice not being served is not just harming our family it's harming the community as a family," she said.

"Answers have to be gotten, not just for us," said Terry Elvis.

Debbie Elvis got emotional when asked how she felt about being at this point more than two years after her daughter first went missing.

She said the first few days after she went missing she "expected Heather to walk in the door and say why are you making such a big deal of this."

She said she wants to find her daughter, saying "I need to find Heather."

"It's about our daughter Heather. That's what this is all about," said Terry Elvis.

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