Family, friends, teammates remember 11-year-old killed in car crash: 'She’s just an angel'

Friends and family held a tribute before a softball game in her memory at Lindsey Park in Bennettsville.

The Marlboro County community came together Wednesday to remember an 11-year-old girl.

Samiya Hatcher died last Thursday in a car wreck.

Friends and family held a tribute before a softball game in her memory at Lindsey Park in Bennettsville.

"She’s just an angel to me because she touched so many lives," Ronnie Hatcher, Samiya's father, said.

Her family said she loved being outdoors.

"We did a lot of four-wheeler riding, fishing, playing out in the yard playing basketball," Ricky Hatcher, Samiya's uncle, said.

Her favorite sport was softball. Her family said she played for five years and she was on two teams.

Her teammates got necklaces with her softball number, "2," on it and dirt from the field inside.

"She was always funny. If like, I was sad she always brightened up my day," Hatcher's teammate Hayden said.

"She was just an all around, all-star player for a reason because she’s your, she’s just a good ball player," Katie Sellers, Hatcher's assistant coach, said.

On the same field where she played shortstop and second base, everyone held balloons in her memory.

"She was everybody’s child. Everybody loved her. She spent the night with everybody. It was almost like maybe [Hatcher's mother] had her for us because we all shared something with her," Sellers said.

She might not be on the field, but many said she’s in the hearts of the softball players.

"I know she’s, like, right there when I’m playing for her. I miss her playing with me, but I’m happy because she’s having fun in heaven," Hayden said.

"She was the excitement of the party. She talked to everybody," Ricky Hatcher said.

Her family said they appreciate the support from everyone.

"She touched a lot of people and that makes me happy as a dad to see all this love and support that she has," Ronnie Hatcher said.

Samiya’s mom tells us her dream was to go to college and play with the Florida Gators.

Highway patrol is still investigating the wreck.

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