Fall is here, but the flu is too


There are many things to celebrate about the new season--pumpkin spice, football, and the World Series. But, what about the flu?

It's not something to celebrate, but it's certainly here for the season.

Dr. Ron Reynolds, CEO of Beach Urgent Care, said he saw his first case of the flu on Thursday.

He said it's very early for the flu season to be starting, and the fact that it has serves as a good reminder to get a flu shot.

Dr. Reynolds said most pharmacies and urgent care centers should have a supply of vaccines by now.

On the subject of fall allergies, he said some people might start to see symptoms around this time of year, especially after Tropical Storm Irma blew everything around.

"We've got a lot of wind such as we've had, that's going to blow a lot of things around, make people more susceptible if they are susceptible to different types of allergies," he explained.

Reynolds said the fall is not as severe of an allergy season as the spring, but people can become sick as plants or indoor materials interact with cooler air.

His advice is to see a doctor if symptoms persist for more than a week.

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