Excess rain floods Myrtle Beach business, drainage questioned

A Myrtle Beach business is slowly drying out after torrential rains fell in our area on Monday. Monday's rainfall was particularly heavy in Myrtle Beach.

"According to one of the gauges, we had 2 inches of rain in 18 minutes and 3 inches of rain in less than an hour. That's a lot of water," Kruea said.

It proved to be a lot of water for several city businesses, including Arnold Chiropractic located on Highway 501.

Dr. Rodney Arnold, who owns the business, said the parking lot looked more like a lake.

The flooding wasn't just restricted to the outside. Arnold said there was about an inch or two of water inside his business as well.

This is the second time in a year that flooding like that has happened to Arnold. He said last July his business flooded the same way, and he was forced to close for about a week.

It was a costly problem to fix, according to Arnold.

"The first hit was pretty expensive, about $15,000 each time it happens," Arnold said.

Arnold believed the expensive problem was partly due to the storm water drains not working properly. He currently has three on his property.

However, the city's assistant manager Ron Andrews told WPDE NewsChannel 15 in a statement that it isn't the storm water drains.

"The rainfall event on Monday afternoon far exceeded the capacity of the city's storm water systems. The flooding at the site of Arnold Chiropractic on Highway 501 is a result of the drainage basin receiving significantly more storm water runoff than it could handle," Andrews said.

At this point, the city plans to have future conversations with Arnold about the flooding issue around his business.

Arnold hopes to have his business back up-and-running by Friday.

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