Evacuation encouraged for people who live in multiple areas of Horry County

Photo Courtesy: Tara Haines

A CODE RED message has been issued for parts of Horry County that may see major flooding following Hurricane Florence.

Anyone who lives in the highlighted part of map shown below is encouraged to evacuate their homes before conditions worsen.

It includes neighborhoods like Forestbrook, Arrowhead, Socastee and many along Highway 707 South.

The north boundary is Highway 501 and the southern boundary is the county line.

ABC 15 asked Horry County officials for a larger map, but they said they don't have one at this time.

Kelly Moore, spokesperson for the county said, it is impossible to be absolutely sure that someone inside the drawn box or outside the drawn box will or will not flood.

She added that they're just making people in that area aware of the possibility of flooding.

Officials warn if you do not evacuate your residence may become isolated and issues with electricity and water outages.

A full list of shelters open in both Horry and surrounding counties can be found here.

If you need any information about shelters or bus routes, please call 843-915-5150.

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