Eating at Jersey Mike's Subs today helps feed children in Horry County

Jersey Mike's Subs is donating all proceeds from its sales on Wednesday to feed children in Horry County. (Amanda Kinseth/ WPDE)

Anyone can help children in Horry County by eating at Jersey Mike's Subs on Wednesday, March 30.

The national restaurant chain hopes to make $3 million on Wednesday to give right back to the community.

Amanda Ulrich spends her days making sandwiches.

"I like seeing the customers faces when they get a good sandwich," said Amanda Ulrich, a Jersey Mike's GM.

But on this day - the Day of Giving - each sandwich she bags and sells will also feed a local child in need.

Jersey Mike's is giving the money to Help 4 Kids.

"We feed kids on the weekend. We found that when kids are going home, often times they don't have a meal before they go back to school on Mondays," said Terry Slotter, with Help 4 Kids.

Also known as 'Backpack Buddies', Help 4 Kids sends food home to 3,000 kids in Horry County each weekend.

"It feels great to actually do something positive to help others," said Ulrich.

Ordering any sandwich means all of the proceeds go to Help 4 Kids.

"It's amazing. 100%. You could see even maybe 100% of the profits, but 100% of the proceeds, it's unheard of. And it's just wonderful the generosity of Jersey Mike's," said Slotter.

All 8 Jersey Mike's stores along the Grand Strand will give their donations to Help 4 Kids and are open until 9 p.m.

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