Family of teen shot, killed in North Charleston stolen car case press police for answers

Derrick Grant (Provided)

What happened to 15-year-old Derrick Grant? Grant's family is pressing law enforcement for answers.

North Charleston police say Grant was shot and killed sitting in stolen car Wednesday off Celestial Court in North Charleston, and the boyfriend of the car owner pulled the trigger.

Attorney Mark Peper is representing Derrick Grant's family.

“The family is in shambles," Peper says.

Peper says the family met with new North Charleston Police Chief Reggie Burgess on Friday, and had plenty of questions for the new chief.

Most importantly, Peper says, the family wants to know why was their son shot and killed. The police report on the Wednesday's deadly shooting raises more questions than it provides answers.

Police say Quadarrell Morton's girlfriend's car was stolen Tuesday on Rivers Avenue.

Morton received a call from his brother-in-law Wednesday that the car was spotted in front on Celestial Court, the same street both the brother-in-law and the girlfriend live on, according to a police report.

Police say Morton drove to the scene, and fired shots into the car, killing Grant.

“What we do know, there was some bullet holes that went through the door and unfortunately Derrick was found seated in driver’s seat," Peper says, "What led up to that, we don't know, and that's what the family is desperate to find out.”

The report fails to show what happened between the time Morton arrived, and when the fatal shots were fired. According to North Charleston Police, Morton said he saw Grant reach into the car for something. The details stop there, as police say Morton stopped talking after being read his Miranda rights..

“Whether he had a right to be on the car or not, does not necessarily have anything to do with whether or not this was a justified shooting," Peper says,

ABC News 4 has requested 911 calls related to the incident. Charleston County officials tell us the calls have been sent over to North Charleston Police for review and approval.

Family members tell us there will be a vigil on Saturday for the teen.

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