Drive-by shooting at Jet Age Cafe

Around 3:30 a.m. Saturday, Myrtle Beach police responded to Jet Age Cafe in reference to a weapon law violation, but as officers got closer to the scene they heard around 20 gunshots, according to a police report.

One officer was on 21st Avenue when he heard the gun shots and he stated that it sounded like they came from different caliber weapons.

As officers were driving to the scene, dispatch did receive a call saying shots had been fired at the location.

After talking with the owner of the bar, police learned that the owner was closing the business down for the evening while a few patrons were hanging around in the parking lot.

The owner told police that he observed a dark colored car driving east down Mr. Joe White Ave.

Police say the owner saw the car pull up to the street light just before the establishment when someone in the car opened gun fire.

The owner told police he thought there were around 10 to 12 rounds fired.

The owner stated to police he was taking cover inside his building, but saw the car take off towards Oak Street.

Police located 12 bullet casings and found six bullet holes in the front of the building. None of the bullets went through the building, according to the police report.

Police have no suspects at this time. Police say it is unknown if the incident is gang related.

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