Drama in the Bahamas has Socastee couple in race against time


A cruise to the Bahamas has turned into a nightmare for a Socastee family. A father sat in a hospital 600 miles from home after an ATV crash, and is finally on the road to recovery.

He's got a fractured leg that doctors in Nassau won't operate on and the clock is ticking. He could lose his leg.

We want to warn you, some of the images in the above video could be graphic to some.

Vacations should be fun. "It hits, it's not a fun situation. It's scary as hell," said Teddy McPheeters, who is having anything but fun.

The McPhinley family, a blended family of Teddy and his son Brandon McPheeters, Teddy's fiance Cindy Finley and her son Tyler Finley, loves cruising together, but this time mom and dad went alone and it might be the last cruise they take to the Bahamas.

A freak ATV accident had them stuck there, but they are now in route to Miami where McPheeters will be able to receive treatment.

"The four wheeler fell down onto his leg," said Tyler, explaining what happened to his step-dad.

For two hours, Teddy and Cindy waited for an ambulance, their sons still at home in South Carolina.

"Me not being able to go to the hospital and physically see him with my own eyes, and tell him and bring him stuff that he needs," said Brandon of how hard it is being away from his dad.

Teddy has a compound fracture. Thousands of dollars were required to be seen in the emergency room. Hours after arrival, they were told if they didn't come up with $10,000, Teddy couldn't have the surgery.

6 hours later, "They came back in and said we can't do the surgery, they went in, cleaned out the blood, and some of the dirt, and put a cast over it for now," said Tyler.

That was Tuesday. Right now, time is not on their side. They've gotten passports they didn't think they needed on a cruise, but to be med-evacuated back to the U.S, they're a must.

Teddy says Representative Tom Rice and Senator Lindsey Graham's offices have been helping.

"My staff is very dedicated to the people of the 7th district. This one is a little bit of a unique case, but they put themselves on the line every day to try to help the people of the 7th district. A big part of my job as a representative is to step in when government breaks down," said Rice.

The drama in the Bahamas is hard on each member of their family, but they're hoping the pack can be reunited soon and they can wake up from this bad dream together.

If you'd like to help them with medical expenses, click the GoFundme Page here. The two are still in need of a Medevac and are comfortable with getting Teddy to any hospital in the U.S., even if it isn't at home in Myrtle Beach.

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