Dragon Boat teams hit the water for Ground Zero on Saturday

The Dragon Boat Festival at the Market Common on Saturday, April 30 benefits Ground Zero. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

The 8th Annual Dragon Boat Festival takes place at the Market Common this weekend to support Ground Zero.

No matter who wins the race, teenagers are the real winners.

The annual Dragon Boat Festival is fun, and for a purpose.

It supports Ground Zero.

"As great as the festival is, it's not about the festival, but it's about the mission that we have to reach teenagers for Jesus Christ, and to give them hope, and to help them in time of real life crisis," said Scott Payseur, with Ground Zero.

With a coffee shop and a massive theater downtown, Ground Zero hosts worship events and live entertainment for teens, such as Christian comedians or bands.

"I think everyone today can look at teenagers around them and see that teenagers need hope. Teenagers need positive influences," said Sara Horner, with Ground Zero. "We want to come at them with truth and say this is who you are. You are valuable. You have worth and you have a destiny that's good. You have a plan that's good for your life."

So each row is a reminder teens are counting on us.

The Dragon Boat Festival starts at 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 30 at The Market Common.

WPDE will have a team.

For more information about the event visit

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