Drag boats race this weekend at Bucksport Marina

The Fire on the River Spring Nationals is at Bucksport Marina in Conway. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

This weekend in Conway, boats will fly across the water at the Fire on the River Spring Nationals at Bucksport Marina.

The boats go from 0 to 100 mph in 7 seconds.

David Wehunt does it for the thrill.

"When you hammer that throttle down, just the acceleration and the thrill of it. The adrenaline pumps," said Wehunt.

It takes a lot to make a boat go that fast.

He has a pit crew of one, his wife.

"Helping him change the oil, hold this, do this," is how Hope Wehunt described her duties.

The big drag boat race is in Bucksport this weekend and boats will pair off and fly for 800 feet.

"We're all a bunch of show-offs and we just like to run the boats," said Paul Abrams, the President of the Lake Murray Dragboat Association "When we got a big crowd, it's more fun for us."

With purple painted toes, David Wehunt's wife is certainly his cheerleader.

But, as he experiences the rush of rushing across the water, she faces fear.

"When he's racing, I'm usually praying. I pace and I pray" said Hope Wehunt. "I remember the very first time he ran here. I didn't know anything about racing. I literally had to have two women hold me up because I was so scared for him."

"It's a long seven seconds," she said.

The drag races start at noon at Bucksport Marina.

This weekend is the first in a four race series.

2016 drag boat race dates include:

June 3-5

July 8-10

August 12-14

September 9-11

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