Dozens spend day on Lumber River for Rivers Run Through Us

Dozens of people headed to the Pembroke area for a day at the Lumber River.  (WPDE)

Dozens of people headed to Pembroke for a day at the Lumber River.

The Lumbee Elders Circle, Winyah Rivers and Center for Community Action held a Rivers Run Through Us event at the Wire Pasture at the Lumber River State Park Saturday.

The Wire Pasture is the newest site at the park.

"It’s the life blood of our people. It means life. It supported our life through fishing so it fed our people for centuries and it continues to feed our people," Nume Namo said.

Rivers Run Through Us was held to focus on developing a community identity with the Lumber River.

"This is an ancient 4 million year-old river that has a lot of historic, cultural and environmental background to it and we are here to experience that and celebrate it," Rev. Mac Legerton, with Center for Community Action, said.

"The Lumber River is culturally important for the Lumbee Indians, as well as recreational important for its fishing, swimming, boating," Christine Ellis, with Winyah Rivers Foundation, said.

"To see my people and others coming together to honor the waters of our people and pay homage to it. It stirs my heart" Nume Namo said.

"It’s very spiritual," Joshua Aycock, a 13 year-old who attended the event with his family, said. "The curves were really pretty it had a bunch of green and it had a dragon fly flying."

The event may be over, but you can visit the Lumber River State Park any day of the year, except Christmas Day.

Click here for a list of the park hours.

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