Dozens rally outside Lee Correctional Institute for prisoner's rights

Dozens rallied outside Lee Correctional Institution for prisoner's rights Saturday.

Dozens rallied outside Lee Correctional Institution for prisoner's rights Saturday.

It’s been over a month since a prison fight there left 7 dead and even more hospitalized.

Kristina Voloch’s fiancé is serving a 13 year prison sentence at McCormick Correctional Institution for possession with intent to sell and she’s fighting for change in the state's prisons.

"We are looking for better treatment of the inmates we're looking for better living conditions," Voloch said.

The rally was outside Lee Correctional Institution to be a voice for those inside.

Whether they know someone in prison or not, they were pushing against what they say is mass incarceration.

"People incarcerated are human beings and they deserve basic human rights and we will not stop fighting,"Kymberly Smith said.

It was put on by the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Students for Justice in Palestine, and the Young Democratic Socialists also helped organize the rally.

They‘re also supporting a list of 10 prisoner demands that they say will improve conditions at prisons.

"They’re making product, hosiery, and not getting paid at least minimum wage," Smith said.

They talked directly to the officers standing outside asking them to speak up about the April 15th fight if they know something.

"We wanted to show them that we are here. We are physically here for them," Smith said.

Smith is an organizer with the party and says they’re also supporting the prisoners' planned strike that Smith says is planned to start August 21st.

"They’re gonna strike from all work, they’re going to strike from all activities, they have their own plans in place about what they’re actually going to do inside of the prison, but no work will be done," Smith said.

Some people we talked to off camera, that didn't attend the rally, say they don't agree and prisoners are prisoners for a reason. They didn’t want to go on camera because they say it's a sensitive issue.

We reached out to SCDC office for comment about the rally and the planned strike but we have not hear back.

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