Dog with two broken legs needs love, expensive care

A little dog with a big spirit needs a lot of help.

The director of the Horry County Animal Care Center says a tiny chihuahua with two broken legs was surrendered to the center.

Her owner told the shelter that a larger dog pushed the chihuahua off a porch, breaking her front legs.

The owner couldn't afford to get the proper vet care and surrendered the dog to the county-owned care center.

Shelter Director Kelly Bonome says the dog is not in pain, but it's heartbreaking to see the dog struggle to walk.

"She has a spirit that you just can't deny," said Bonome. "So we've made a decision that we're going to save her, one way or another."

Bonome says the dog, nicknamed Little Bit, will be kept in foster care while she undergoes exams, X-rays and visits to a specialist, probably in Charleston.

All of that will not be cheap.

"We're talking at least a couple thousand dollars to do some kind of treatment or care, whether she's fitted with a prosthetic thing or whether she goes through surgery," she said.

Bonome says it would be hard to justify spending all those tax dollars on one dog, when there are so many others in need at the shelter.

That's where the non-profit group Friends of the Horry County Animal Care Center comes in.

"People we never even heard of will say, 'Holy cow, I've got to help you out with this,' " said Friends founder Debbie Saxon.

The group is asking people to give whatever they can to help Little Bit.

Saxon is confident the money will come in.

"This dog, this adorable little dog, needs your help and the people that want to help will jump in," Saxon said.

Bonome says other than the puppy's legs, she's in good health and has a strong appetite.

Little Bit is only one-and-a-half years old and Bonome says she could live up to twenty years, if she gets the care she needs.

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