Dog found with mouth, legs wired in Chesterfield County


Chesterfield County Animal Services is investigating after a small dog was found on Wednesday with his mouth and legs wired together after being tossed from a car window, according to officials with Chesterfield County Animal Services.

The dog is being treated at the Sandy Memorial Animal Hospital in Hartsville.

We're told the dog suffered a broken jaw.

Officials said someone was traveling behind a car when the dog was thrown out before calling 911 for help. The caller didn't realize initially that it was actually a dog that was thrown out of window.

Dr. Nicki Taylor with Sandy Memorial Animal Hospital said they've named the dog "Handsome Henry."

Taylor called it a very disturbing case of animal cruelty.

"I don't really have the words for it. It's just, it's just a very upsetting situation. Obviously. I've seen dogs that have just been thrown in a backyard. And not paid attention to. And that, in and of itself is bad enough. But this is an entirely separate situation. Because this dog was actively abused. By being just tossed out of her car. Like he had no worth at all. And the inspiring thing and the amazing thing these dogs, is that that this dog, less than 24 hours ago was tossed out of a car. You know, with no one to care for him. And now, today, he's willing to accept the love. He wants to be friendly. He's very un-trusting. You can't blame the dog for that but. But he's going to be a great little dog for somebody," said Taylor.

She said despite what Handsome Henry has gone through, he's a pretty tough little dog.

"Honestly, for what he's been through he's in fairly good condition. He doesn't appear to have broken legs. Anything like that. He walks around fine. He definitely doesn't have broken ribs. He's not painful along his chest and his abdomen. His bottom jaw is offset. To the right. So they're definitely is a jaw fracture or break. Now whether that is a new fracture that occurred in the midst of him being thrown out of the car or if it's an old fracture, I don't know that yet. My suspicion is it's an old fracture, because he doesn't seem to be particularly painful with it," said Taylor.

Taylor said they have a treatment plan in place for the Handsome Henry.

"Today we will sedate him for x-rays and see what's going on with his mouth. We're going to shave him down and get rid of that matted coat. And just make sure there are no underlying skin issues or anything like that, that needs to be dealt with. He does have a horrible ear infection, so we're going to address that as well. Basically, we're just going to clean him up and sort of see where he is."

The Chesterfield County Animals Services' investigative unit is investigating the incident.

The Chesterfield County Sheriff's isn't involved in the investigation at this point.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Chesterfield County Animal Services (843) 623-3585 or email them at

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