Documentary highlights deadly lynching in Lake City back in 1898

Documentary highlights deadly lynching in Lake City back in 1898 (WPDE)

A documentary titled "An Outrage" highlights lynchings in the South beginning with the end of the Civil War and continuing well into the middle of the 20th century.

It takes a look at the deadly lynching of Frazier Baker and his 1-year-old daughter in Lake City back in 1898.

Baker was Lake City's first African American postmaster. He was lynched and killed by a large mob in 1898, along with his 1-year-old daughter.

The mob set fire to the post office and Baker's home on South Church Street in Lake City.

When Baker and his family came running out of the home to escape the flames, the mob opened fire on them, killing Baker and his 1-year-old daughter, Julia.

Baker's wife and three other children were wounded, but survived. They moved to Boston in 1899.

Baker's great niece Dr. Fostenia Baker is featured in the documentary. She said she's glad the filmmakers are bringing what happened to life.

"With all of the other kinds of racial issues that are presently evolving, I think that this was a very appropriate time to revisit the Frazier Baker story where it happened," said Dr. Baker.

A group of more than 100 people watched the documentary Wednesday night in Lake City.

The documentary's website says the film is "bolstered by the memories and perspectives of descendants, community activists, and scholars. This unusual historical documentary seeks to educate even as it serves as a hub for action to remember and reflect upon a long-hidden past."

It says the "practice of torture and murder claimed the lives of at least 3,959 African American men, women, and children. This past is little-discussed today, even as its wounds fester."

An Outrage is directed, edited, and produced by Hannah Ayers and Lance Warren.

The film's website says they "make films at the intersection of history and social justice, focusing on race, incarceration, and family."

You can look at a trailer of the film by visiting the documentary's website.

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