District: No carbon monoxide found at West Florence High School


Florence School District One tested for carbon monoxide exposure in a classroom at West Florence High School Friday, after some parents expressed their concerns on social media about the matter.

The district issued the following news release:

We are aware of the allegation of possible carbon monoxide exposure. Because of this concern, Florence School District One ordered immediate and professional tests of the area in question, as well as all other labs in the school. Florence School District One had the areas tested , received an official report, and the results were clear. In fact, all areas in the building are clear and safely operating.

FSD1 plans to install carbon monoxide detectors inside the classroom as a precaution.

State law doesn't require school districts to install carbon monoxide detectors in their buildings, according to officials with the South Carolina State Fire Marshal's Office.

Florence City Fire Marshal Chris Johnson said it was a smart move by the district to install the detectors.

"That's an early detection to say 'hey we need to vacate. Ventilate later. Get some of the gas out so we can finish class.' Because that type of gas is very, very, we call it sneaky, but it is also dangerous," said Johnson.

Some parents agree, installing the carbon monoxide detectors was the best thing to do.

"I feel like every school should have them. To be able to on the safe side. So if something like this do happen, it'll detect it. Then everybody will like the students to teachers, the principal. Everybody will be safe," said Mary Barron.

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