Defendants file motion to seal documents in lawsuit against police, former detective


ABC 15 has obtained new information in the case of Jane Doe 3 vs. Horry County, Horry County police, and a number of individuals.

Last month, on Oct. 27, Horry County and Horry County police asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed against them because they said the former detective's conduct, which is at question in the suit, happened outside the scope of his official duties.

The original lawsuit filed in June 2016 by Jane Doe 3 claims the Horry County Police Department allowed former Horry County police detective Troy Allen Large to use his position to abuse female crime victims and did not take any action against him.

The lawsuit also states that throughout the winter of 2015, Large coerced Jane Doe 3 to participate in nude, sexual-fetish "cat fights," and, on at least one occasion, Large drove Jane Doe 3 to Asheville, N.C. to participate in a cat fight and he video-taped the encounter.

On Thursday, Nov. 9, ABC15 News reported on a response from Jane Doe 3, concerning the defendants' motion for dismissal.

Those court documents claim other law enforcement officers were involved in the fetish videos recorded by Large.

Now, after the release of those documents, the attorney for all five defendants is asking the judge to seal further submissions to the case.

The attorney says some news articles from local media don't properly cite court documents and don't explain those documents are not evidence, but rather opinions from the plaintiff.

The filing contains printouts of stories by one area newspaper and three broadcast news stations.

The attorney also says the coverage of court filings and accusations could make it hard to find a fair and impartial jury in the future.

At this the time, the case is a civil lawsuit. Juries are not called in such cases as there is no determination of guilt involved.

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