Darlington County school district removes substitute teacher following incident with photo

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Several parents contacted us last week about an inappropriate picture involving a substitute teacher at Darlington County school.

The Darlington County School District's Public Information Audrey Children sent us the following statement on the parents concerns:

This week a picture on social media surfaced regarding a substitute. The school district has no basis to believe the individual sent the photo to any student. The individual has been removed from the school district’s substitute roster.

The district has acknowledged that the former substitute teacher did nothing wrong, but the former substitute teacher says he still feels like he's not being treated fairly by the district.

He doesn't want his name revealed, but released the following statement:

I'm being wrongfully accused of something I didn’t I do. I never took the picture that was 4 years old that was taken on FaceTime. Then my Snapchat and Instagram passwords were hacked. A student screenshot the picture on Snapchat. I never caused a disruption or was ineffective on the job like the policy states.

The former substitute teacher said he is seeking legal advice in this situation.

We'll continue to bring you updates on this as they come in.

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