Darlington County deputies investigating video on social media of dog being shot, killed

    Darlington County Sheriff's Office cars (WPDE)

    The Darlington County Sheriff's Office is investigating a video posted on Facebook of a man shooting and killing a dog.

    Samuel Alexander, Jr. said he recorded the incident on his cell phone.

    Alexander said he was visiting with a friend on Morton Drive in Hartsville Sunday when he heard a child crying outside.

    He added that's when he saw a man walk toward a dog then go back in the home.

    Alexander said the man came back armed with a gun and shot and killed the dog as it was wagging its tail. He said his friend called 911 and three deputies responded to the incident.

    “I was ticked off because it’s not right. Like I was telling them, I mean, that dog got feelings too. It’s just like us, like human beings. I mean, they got a heart too,” said Alexander.

    Lt. Robby Kilgo said they're actively investigating to see what happened and if it even happened in Darlington County.

    Kilgo said there's a lot involved in investigations of this matter.

    "It’s not enough for someone to send us a message on Facebook. To say that this is this person. We have to have a written, sworn statement from someone telling us that they know it to be this person," said Kilgo.

    He said they also have to approach this from the aspect of the law, as they do all investigation.

    "In law-enforcement, we cannot approach a situation like this from an emotional standpoint. We have to look at it from a standpoint of what’s written in law. We have to give evidence. We have to get statements. We have to establish jurisdiction and present these things to the judge. From at emotional standpoint, yes it’s disturbing. I have a dog. I have two dogs and I love them very much. We cannot approach these situations from an emotional standpoint. We have to approach them with the law," said Kilgo.

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