Court documents: More than one officer involved in filming fetish videos with victims


HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WPDE) - New court documents show that other law enforcement officers were involved in nude, sexual fetish “catfight” videos recorded by a former Horry County police detective.

One of the other officers was only identified in court documents as being from North Carolina.

The documents also show that former Detective Troy Allen Large filmed a second video in his home with Jane Doe 3, one of the women who filed suit against him and Horry County police.

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Jane Doe 3 first met Large in 1996 after a domestic violence incident and then again in 1998 for another incident. In the court documents, Jane Doe 3 states that Large was “inappropriately flirty” in 1998, but she had no major concerns.

However, in 2015, when she had another domestic violence incident, threatened by her husband with a gun, Large was again assigned to her case.

During that time, she was also in the process of obtaining a private investigator license and Large promised to help her obtain the required 40 hours of supervised law enforcement job shadowing, according to court documents.

Court documents state, “under the guise of job shadowing, Detective Large took Jane Doe 3 to the home of another law enforcement officer where he coerced her to engage in the sexual fetish ‘catfight.’”

Jane Doe 3 testified that in 2015 Large assaulted her on more than 50 occasions, many of which included sexual assault and participating in the catfight videos.

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Jane Doe 3 stated in court documents that she was unable to leave the taping of the fights because of the presence of armed law enforcement officers.

Court documents also show that Large used his county-issued cellphone to engage in inappropriate contact with Jane Doe 3.

The criminal sexual conduct case against Large was turned over to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division in November 2015.

The documents show that Large continued to contact Jane Doe 3 as an officer through December 2015.

When asked in a deposition why Jane Doe 3 didn’t report Large to the police, she said, “He was the police.”

Court documents state that Horry County police possibly knew about Large’s behavior with victims dating back to 2003, when his father-in-law met with police to voice his concerns.

Also part of the court documents released Thursday, Jane Doe 3 details the March 2014 “botched in-house” investigation done by Horry County police that, if done properly, could have prevented the assaults against her and other victims.

An internal investigation was also performed at the behest of former Police Chief Saundra Rhodes and, according to court documents, the actions of the department after Rhodes reviewed the report demonstrated “a reckless disregard for the rights of any other citizens who might come in contact with Detective Large.”

It is also stated in the court documents that there was widespread knowledge throughout the department, particularly with Large’s supervisors, that he was “exhibiting predatory behavior toward female victims of crime” and “was closing case files with little to no case work being documented.”

In a related case, Horry County police were asked to produce copies of all citizen complaints pertaining to unwanted sexual advances and/or sexual assaults by members of the department from January 2006 through September 2016. The documents identified 13 investigations. These are in addition to the ones filed against Large.

Large was indicted on Sept. 15, 2016, on 11 counts of criminal sexual conduct and misconduct in office. Two of those counts address his interactions with Jane Doe 3.

Three other officers, Luke Green, Todd Cox and Darryl Williams -- all former officers with the Horry County Police Department -- were also indicted back in September on various charges.

Jane Doe 3’s attorney filed these new documents in response to a summary judgement motion from Troy Allen Large, Horry County and Horry County police.

Horry County and Horry County police claim that any actions Large took involving Jane Doe 3 were outside of the scope of his duties.

On Oct. 27, Horry County and Horry County police filed to ask a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

Jane Doe 3’s attorney responded, saying that Large was “acting under the color of state law.”

Motions to seal documents in the court file were also submitted by Scott Rutherford, Thomas Delpercio, William Squires and Dale Buchanan.

You can review the newest documents in the case below:

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