Couple ties the knot at Carolina Country Music Festival

    Couple ties the knot at Carolina Country Music Festival, (WPDE)<p>{/p}

    Wedding bells were ringing Saturday afternoon at the Carolina Country Music Festival, as one lucky couple tied the knot in front of dozens of fellow country music fans.

    Brian and Natalie Galleto were in town from Rochester, NY. They said they were thrilled by how their pop up wedding turned out.

    "This is our second year here, but we’ll be coming here forever," said Natalie Galleto.

    Their forever began on a stage at their favorite country music festival.

    "We actually met through one of my aunts, which she’s friends with and I saw Natalie comment on one of her Facebook posts, and I said, 'Aunt Sal I want to meet her, she looks like a good time'," said Brian Galleto.

    The couple said they wouldn't have wanted things to turnout any other way.

    "We both are from the country up in Rochester, upstate N.Y. and we love country music, and we came here last year for the first time and fell in love with this community and CCMF and said why not have it here, you know what I mean,” said Brian.

    The special day was a surprise for Natalie.

    "At first she knew nothing about it I kind of did it on the side, without her knowing," said Brian.

    After they were turned down by CCMF officials, Brian didn't want to give up on combining the two things he loves most, his fiance and country music, so he reached out to a local officiant to see if he could help.

    "He goes, well, where do you want to have it at and I said well, we’re coming down for CCMF, is there anyway you can help us out," said Brian.

    Thereafter, it was a done deal, to the point of having the Galleto’s favorite country music star Brett Young crash their wedding, accompanied with a few shots of whiskey.

    Saturday was full of memories the Galletos' will have til death do them part.

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