Council takes step towards rebuilding Surfside Beach pier


The Surfside Beach pier is one step closer to being rebuilt.

Monday night, town council voted on a first reading of an ordinance to allow the town to sell $700,000 in bonds to begin paying the architects and engineers.

FEMA will provide the town with almost $10 million to cover construction, so what the town spends initially on bonds will be reimbursed.

Community members say they're happy to see progress being made.

"Well after almost a year and a half of waiting for something to happen, it's awesome that something -- the first step is being taken. It really is, it's great. It's a long process, knew it would be, but it's started, and you know that's awesome that they're finally doing what they need to do to get the process rolling," said Curtis Kremer, with Pier Outfitters.

The ordinance needs two more votes before the town can issue those bonds.

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