Superblock building's potential new owner seen as boost to business


Myrtle Beach city leaders have "had conversations" with Coastal Carolina University (CCU) about the future of the Superblock, City Manager John Pedersen said in an email to ABC15.

The discussions were brought up at this week's Downtown Redevelopment Corporation meeting.

Pedersen said that CCU was interested in purchasing the Encore Video building, a former theater.

The move would give a boost to area businesses by bringing in students, faculty, and visitors to the area.

ABC15 spoke with several restaurant owners along the Superblock, who hope the deal goes through.

"They're going to bring so much more in terms of revenue, and a new type of clientele down to Myrtle Beach. It's going to be great," Good Day Cafe Owner Kevin Andrews said.

Pedersen said the discussions were in the "very early" stages, and the redevelopment of the Superblock would be reviewed by Myrtle Beach's new city council members.

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