Conway High School band marches without uniforms due to mold, dry rot

Conway High School's band size has doubled in the past couple years.  Right now there aren't enough uniforms, and the ones they do have are 25 years old. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

It's Conway High School vs. Myrtle Beach High School for the Thursday Night Lights football game this week. But, the Conway High School Band won't be wearing their uniforms when they hit the field.

In fact, they might not be able to wear their uniforms at all this season.

They love making music and marching, but what the band members wear has seen a bit too much wear and tear.

"They're worn, you know what I mean," said CHS student and band member Camryn Miller.

"Our uniforms are really old," said Samuel Hickman, another CHS student band member. "They're really falling apart."

The band uniforms are twice the age of some the current band members and they're splattered with stains, mold and even dry rot.

Plus, there aren't enough to go around -- the band's size has more than doubled over the last few years, but the number of uniforms has stayed the same.

"The district has been generous, but we're not able to keep up with everything that we've had to do," said Robert Christy, Conway High School band director.

Christy said after buying and refurbishing instruments, there's not enough money left to replace the 25-year-old uniforms.

"The purchase of uniforms is on us and the community," said Christy.

Christy has helped to design new digs for the band. Now students are trying to raise enough money to buy them.

"I'd love a new uniform for senior year. That's the year you're supposed to do everything, so I'm really hoping these fundraisers are going to help," said Ashley Leal-Diaz, CHS student band drum major.

"I really hope we can all get new ones that fit us properly, because we're all kind of struggling to get into one," said Samuel Hickman.

"I would be so happy," echos Camryn Miller. "Because, when you look good, you feel good, you do better, you know what I mean. So, if we get new uniforms, I would be so happy."

The new band uniforms will cost $400 per child, and should last at least a dozen years. Right now, students are selling chocolate as a fundraiser.

If companies donate to the Conway High School Band Booster club, the band director will place a sticker with the business's name on the band trailer. The donation could also be a tax write-off.

School officials said donations made to Conway High School's Solid Gold Booster Club go directly towards athletics. The band has their own booster club, and any donations intended for the band must be labeled as such.

To donate, you can call the Conway High School at 843-488-0662 and ask for the Principal, Mr. James, or Band Director Robert Christy.

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