Conway gym offers free classes for Senior Health & Fitness Day

Free classes are offered Wednesday, May 25 at Fit 4 Everyone in Conway for Senior Health & Fitness Day. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

A gym in Conway is offered free classes on Wednesday for National Senior Health and Fitness Day.

Seniors at Fit 4 Everyone in Conway are working out today, and everyday.

"How old do I feel? Well, it depends on the exercise and the time of day," said Bob Squatriglia.

During morning calf raises, Bob feels a decade younger.

He credits continued exercise and guidance.

"He said four of 10, and I think it's best to do four of 12," said Bob, explaining the repetitions for his exercises. "But don't tell him that, will ya?"

Fit 4 Everyone is run by college professors of Exercise and Sport Science.

"Injuries, joint replacements," said Alayna DeFalco, with Fit 4 Everyone. "There is no can't. There should be no excuse but you should work with professionals who know how to modify around what is going on with you."

"I have a shoulder that's been a problem because of sports injuries through the years, and they work with me on that as well, and that's very important," said Bob.

It's important for Carolyn Ballington to be able to maintain her balance. Because of this program, she can now play with her grandchild.

"Oh, he loves for Nana to be able to swing with him and climb a tree with him if he wants to," said Carolyn.

From strength training to stretching, these active seniors improve their quality of life.

"They're happy. The members are happy," said DeFalco. "They enjoy the fact that all we require of the members is if you can count to 10 or 12 of 15, then you're good."

And even if you lose track, you can count on them to count for you.

Fit 4 Everyone in Conway is hosting free classes until 7 p.m. Wednesday for National Senior Health and Fitness Day.

Visit and for more information.

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