Construction surges across the Grand Strand: 'There's a lot more dreams being built here'

Experts say it's the highest volume of construction in our area since the housing boom in 2006. (WPDE)

When you're on the roads, you probably pass some form of construction.

It's the highest volume of construction in our area since the housing boom in 2006.

That's according to Coastal Carolina University economic professor Rob Salvino. He says new single family home permits in Horry and Georgetown Counties last fall were up 27 percent from the previous year.

As we head into spring, workers spring into action.

When the blooming flowers emerged, so did the sights and sounds of construction.

"We started to do just a few renovations," said Gary Ford of Surfside. "Well, we'll put a new kitchen in, and then maybe we should put a new bathroom in, and maybe we'll put another bathroom in, and it just kept going."

His remodel practically turned into a rebuild, and new builds are everywhere.

"Absolutely. You'll see tons of construction," said Rainbow Russell from CRG Companies. "We're building homes and our amenities center, too."

New homes and developments are going in all over, just in time for the peak selling season.

Renovations keep contractors busy.

"It's booming, too," said Paul Paradis. "There's a lot of stuff going on building wise and was and everything and apparently not a whole lot of younger people doing so might as well just jump in."

Of course, here in the South where we have mild winters, there's not a big dip in the work.

The Horry Georgetown Home Builder's Association reports construction numbers are steady year round.

"Down here, my gosh, you've got new construction starting in January," said Ford. "There's a lot more dreams being built here."

The Horry Georgetown Home Builders Association says more than 3,600 construction permits were issued in Horry County last year. Georgetown County issued just shy of 300.

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