Concern grows at Aynor High School after threatening Snapchat surfaces

Aynor High School. (Credit: WPDE file)

A middle school chorus concert turned into chaos Tuesday at Aynor High School after someone sprayed what was believed to be pepper spray in the air.

Since then, parents and students have been on edge. A seemingly threatening Snapchat saying, in part, "just be prepared before Christmas break if you go to Aynor High" caused panic Wednesday night. Several viewers reached out to ABC 15, sending in the picture and expressing their concern.

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Thursday morning, Aynor High School released a statement calling the indent a "prank" and assuring parents and students that "there has not been a specific threat made about our school".

Several people took to the Facebook post to express their concerns.

"Why do they make posts like this when they must know everyone has seen the Snapchat comments and clearly a threat has been made. And assuming everything is fine isn’t going to keep anyone safe," one person said.

"I think what may be just as alarming is why theres only 58 comments...out of thousands of students...why arent more parents outraged," a parent commented.

Several students told ABC15 several of their classmates stayed home or left early because of the possible threat.

“Things like that shouldn’t be said, if it is things threatening other children. There should be actions taken to where it cant happen again," Marsha Nealy, a grandmother of an AHS student, said.

Some students said they were afraid; others said they felt safe but were surprised about the situation.

“It is the first time in all of my three years of being here that I've ever heard this, that it's happened and it’s a pretty big deal. I was pretty surprised myself when I seen it," one student said.

Thursday afternoon, Lisa Bourcier, Horry County Schools spokesperson, said, "AHS sent a follow up to parents and students this afternoon. School administration also visited every classroom this morning to talk about the incidents and help answer any questions or concerns from the students."

The Aynor Police Department is investigating. Police Chief David Thompson released this statement to WPDE Thursday morning:

The Aynor Police Department is aware of social media post regarding Aynor High School. The Aynor Police Department is following up on the post. To our knowledge no specific threat has been made towards Aynor High School.
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