Communication study: City of Myrtle Beach, Chamber need to be more transparent


A communications study done on the City of Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce says it needs to be more transparent.

"We are entrusted with millions of dollars from the city to do a very important job, which is to make sure that we are promoting Visit Myrtle Beach," said CEO of the chamber, Karen Riordan.

Recently a communications specialist spent 90 days looking into how that job is being done from how the money is spent to how the area is promoted.

"Mr. Hirsch definitely talked about transparency. Urged city council to make sure they were being as transparent as possible and also said he wanted to make sure that the chamber was also living up to that," said Riordan.

Money from the city's tourism development fee and other taxes go to the chamber to spend on advertising.

"We want to make sure the public is comfortable with where that money is being spent, how that money is being spent, and I think that was the focus of the consultants report," said Mark Kruea, the city's spokesman.

Riordan feels, overall, the public is comfortable.

"I felt so pleased that so much of what he was encouraging to make sure happened is exactly what we're doing," said Riordan.

She says the chamber releases reports of where their money goes on a regular basis.

"How many people are coming here, and how is the economy doing and all of those things. We also report out what's happening at the airport," said Riordan.

Kruea says the city is doing its part.

"I think we're farther along than the report would indicate as far as working with the chamber as far as to provide statistics, to provide an expense report that will meet the public's expectations,"said Kruea.

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